P2P Platform – Growth, Survival and Success

“The industry is working closely with the police, the OJK, the central bank, the Ministry of Communication and Information…to launch multiple initiatives such as www.cekfintech.id (for users to check licensed players), www.cekrekening.id (for users to check the validity of bank accounts)…” REYNOLD IRSIAN WIJAYA, CEO OF MODALKU Though the crackdown continues in Indonesia, new illegal … Read more

The Problems that Big Giants face for trades

Where companies don’t want to be the face of their agenda, however, industry bodies often come in handy. Trade organizations such as CII, Ficci, Nasscom, and IAMAI, are among the most prominent. According to internal papers from Facebook, which came to light due to whistleblower Francis Haugen’s revelations, the company used IAMAI—an industry body that … Read more