Every time someone borrows credit through Kredit Pintar or Atome

The future is Atome Atome Financial’s success in its key market—Southeast Asia’s 600 million-strong population—is a testament to its Advance.ai engine. With many parts of Southeast Asia either largely unbanked or underbanked, the region has one of the lowest credit card penetration rates—only 1 in 10 people own a credit card. This means that the … Read more

Credit Pintar has disbursed more than US$1.5 billion

The company’s flagship business is its AI and big data analytics solutions provider Advance.ai, which uses AI to offer digital identity verification, fraud detection, and credit scoring services. However, the company’s real money-spinner, and what was probably the biggest draw for investors, is its consumer-facing business, Atome Financial. The company’s two subsidiaries—peer-to-peer lending platform Kredit … Read more

Finding Issues in the China’s Popular P2P Market

To add insult to consumptive loan providers’ injury, the regulator is also pushing for players to disburse more loans to the productive segment. There were once more consumptive loan players than productive, Wijaya of Kredit Pintar. Now, the proportion is equal. On top of that, these consumptive loan players are obliged to disburse 20% of … Read more

OJK and P2P is the next big thing for innovation.

In October, President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo brought the issue to the fore by ordering the Financial Services Authority (OJK) to put a moratorium on issuing new licenses for P2P platforms. It’s not clear how the President’s new moratorium differs from the one existing—put in place by the OJK in early-2020. Nonetheless, Jokowi’s statement imbued a … Read more

Why New Policy and Localisation is not easy

Despite Krishnaswamy’s questionable methods, Amazon was quick to snap him up in April 2020. His position at Google was filled by Aman Jain, one of Krishnaswamy’s juniors, though it is believed that Google is looking for a more experienced candidate, according to the second former Google executive. Interestingly, Rahul Jain, who served at Google-owned YouTube … Read more

Why Big Giants have to stop the way they do Business?

Facebook, Google, and the rejig of Big Tech’s public policy playbook With this being the case, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that big tech companies like Amazon, Facebook (now Meta), and Google are changing their approach to public policy. For one, companies have restructured their policy teams, narrowing the scope of senior roles to … Read more